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Please note that these sites are not curated by and are only provided as a resource to the community. Some commercial websites are provided below and their presence in this list does not constitute an endorsement from the Analytical Chemistry Division of Canada.

A series of web-meeting are planned to provide an open discussion about mitigation measures to be implemented in analytical chemistry teaching amidst COVID-19.

Next meeting on October 23rd at 1PM Eastern time - zoom call

Summary of the May 22nd meeting -file

Summary of the June 12th meeting- file

June 26th meeting:

Youtube video of the platform by Tom Wenzell, Bates college- external link

Youtube video about the use of zoom for teaching analytical chemistry, Chris Harisson San Diego State U.- external link

Youtube video about reducing online cheating by Ken Yeung, Western University- external link

Strategies to reduce cheating online- external website

Alan Doucette's Youtube video on problem solving- external website

Grading oral lab report or exams : Instructors can request two templates to write questions to the chair of the AN division

The Chemistry education division of Canada offers a suite of different resources for online teaching - external website 

The Analytical Sciences Digital Library offers numerous free materials (textbooks, in-class worksheets, laboratory activities, simulations, etc.) under the Creative Commons Copyright that are helpful when teaching with traditional and active learning pedagogies - external website

RSC Education in Chemistry- external website 
Analysis resources: - external website

Database of case studies- external website
Analytical chemistry case studies within the database: - external website   Case studies can be downloaded for free. Must register ($25USD) to download teaching notes.

Using Zoom for analytical chemistry teaching- ppt file

Newly added items!

Remote labs from ASDLib- external website

Teaching videos from Agilent- external website

Chromatography simulators:

HPLC provides simulation of HPLC. It is described in detail in P.G. Boswell, J Chem Ed 2013, 90, 198. - external website

Another web version of the HPLC simulator is available elsewhere- external website

HPLC Teaching Assistant  is an Excel simulator written by Davy Guillarme of the University of Geneva.- external website

Online experiments (Graciously provided by Jean-Luc Veuthey and Davy Guillarme - Université de Genève):

English version: Virtual CZE- file

Version en français: Expérience d'électrophorèse capillaire virtuelle- file

Version en français: Expérience HPLC virtuelle- file

LC-GC Chromacademy- external website


ProEZGC from Restek is a GC simulator - external website

An alternate GC simulator is external website

Instrumental analysis:

Java apps for instrumental analysis and signal processing modeling (might not run on all computers)- external website

Textbook Material:

Quantitative chemical analysis text book  and associated Sapling tool - external website 

Remote lab teaching:

Commercial sources - holscience- external websiteand labster- external website


Quantitative chemical analysis- external website

Analytical Chemistry textbook- external website

ICP-MS (can also be found on row 52 of the link above - QCA video) - external website

FT-IR- external website

The open science laboratory- external website

Robert Burk YouTube channel- external website

Nicole Karn YouTube channel- external website