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Career in Analytical Chemistry

Members sharing their career advices

"The all-time number one question asked by students is: What jobs can we get with a degree in Analytical Chemistry?"  (pdf, October 2015)

Robin Abel  M.Sc., MCIC, Forensic Chemist 

“The hardest thing after graduating was definitely deciding how much research experience did I want to get before starting a family”  (featured in 2014 newsletter)

April Wong

Research Scientist, Hai Kang Life Corporation Ltd.

Best Career Advices I Ever Received: “No one knows your project more than yourself", "never burn a bridge" and "when we all think alike, no one thinks very much"  (featured in 2013 newsletter)

Chady Stephan

Product Specialist, PerkinElmer Canada

"I often field questions such as “why did you bother to get a PhD in analytical chemistry if you are not actually ‘doing’ analytical chemistry?”  (pdf, June 2013, and the 2014 Student Newsletter)

Nicole Baryla

Director, Alliance and Project Management, Commericalization

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research